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Create and plan your quality landscaping project with a highly qualified, reliable team to maximize your return on investment.

St-John Landscaping offers a consulting service for the conceptualization of your landscaping project.


The team of St-John paysagiste accompanies you at each stage of your landscaping planning in order to optimize the realization according to your needs and your aspirations.


The first step is to clearly identify your landscaping needs in order to determine what your goals are. At this stage, it is important that you can determine for what purpose and for what use you want to create a landscaping.


The second step in developing your landscaping project is the one that concerns your inspiration. You have any ideas? Did you find inspiration in magazines or on Pinterest, on Google or did you stock up on photos on Houzz? It's time to take out your ideas, your inspirations, your dream landscaping to put together a document including the outdoor landscaping that you like.


The third step is crucial and depends on the question of your budget. Depending on the objective of your development project, the budget will have an impact on the choice of materials and plants. Several factors influence the budget envelope associated with such a project.


Our designers will accompany you to maximize your budget according to your expectations and your needs to create a personalized plan that will make your exterior project a reality.

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How to define a budget for its exterior design by maximizing its return on investment?


Knowing that a landscaping project is very important in terms of the value of the property, especially when you want to sell your property, the first impression of your home is closely related to your landscaping.

In order to define a fair budget in order to optimize your return on investment, we estimate that the ideal budget should correspond to an average of 10 to 30% of the value of your property. Several considerations must be taken into account, including the size of your land, the choice of plants, the quality and choice of materials as well as the desired development needs (creation of a pond, a gazebo, a pergola, etc.).

Would you like to be accompanied by a team of professional, reliable and highly experienced experts in landscaping project?

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