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Choosing your contractor: an important step that shouldn't be underestimated!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

When the time comes to choose a contractor for an exterior landscaping project, several factors can influence the final decision. These include price and availability of landscaping companies. But these are not the only factors to consider. As we'll see, a landscaping company that lacks the right skills can lead to frustrating and costly problems. That's why we're sharing our tips for choosing your contractor!

The skills of a landscaping contractor

A quality landscaping contractor will create a harmonious, sustainable landscape that matches your vision. You can be sure that your project will be carried out with expertise by checking the skills of landscape contractors.

Landscaping: a multi-skilled profession

Landscaping services encompass a wide range of skills:

  • Creation of gardens and green spaces

  • Planting beds, hedges, trees and shrubs

  • Landscape masonry work

  • Laying paving stones and flagstones

  • Construction of wooden terraces and pergolas

The downside of a lack of skills for landscape work

In landscaping, a lack of technical knowledge can lead to the use of :

  • Materials of insufficient strength

  • Unsuitable plants for local growing conditions

  • inappropriate design methods

The impact of choosing a contractor on a landscaping project's budget

At St-John Paysagiste, we received a call some time ago from one of the Montreal architects we work with on a regular basis. She put us in touch with her client, whose construction project was located in the Laurentians.

During our discussions, the customer explained his expectations and his wish to have his landscaping completed within the current season. We're excited about the landscaping project. However, our schedule is already full.

We suggest that the work be carried out at the start of the following season. Then, finally, the customer chooses another company that was available immediately.

To our surprise, we receive a call from the architect and the customer a few months later. The work was not progressing.

The landscaping work carried out was not of a high standard, nor was it worthy of the property's value. As a result, the customer decided to end his collaboration with the landscaper.

So we took up the torch. And we had to take over a large part of the exterior work, even though the customer had already invested 6 figures with the other company.

This little story illustrates just how crucial the choice of contractor is for any landscaping project. And price and availability alone aren't always enough.

Reliability of the landscape contractor

Another important consideration is the landscaper's degree of reliability. You should look for companies with a significant number of years' experience in landscape work.

This provides an extra level of confidence in choosing the right contractor for your landscaping project.

So, before you make your final decision, ask to look at the portfolio of work completed. Check photos of previous jobs and examine the finishes. This will give you an idea of the company's skills in landscape design, masonry and landscape planting.

Reliability counts for a lot when choosing your landscape contractor. With the right contractor, you ensure:

  • A quality landscape that lives up to your expectations.

  • the work is completed on time

  • Stay within your initial budget

  • Enjoy a pleasant, harmonious outdoor space for many years to come.

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