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The advantages of corten steel in the garden and landscaping?

Corten Steel is an increasingly popular choice for Garden and Landscaping projects due to its many advantages. It is very durable, maintenance free and has a distinctive style that is both urban and rustic. In addition, corten steel can be used to create a wide variety of original and functional shapes and structures. Thanks to its great versatility, this material adds value and a unique aesthetic to any landscape design.

Why use corten steel?

Corten steel is a material with a unique and timeless style. In addition, its strength makes this metal alloy a versatile material used in many fields.

Indeed, it is also used in:

  • Urban developments

  • Landscaping

  • Sea freight

  • The rail industry

  • Outdoor sculpture

Its rusty appearance and great resistance to outdoor conditions make it an ally for any outdoor layout. This living material with unique characteristics evokes the passage of time thanks to the changes in shade of its surface displaying warm tones from orange to brown.

corten steel allows you to create unique pieces for your landscaping. And its natural rust color has the advantage of magnifying the surrounding vegetation by giving a new glow to the green of the plants!

For which landscaping projects should corten steel be used?

This material can be used for making partitions and landscaping objects such as planters, planters, divisions. It can also be used for larger projects: stairs, low walls, exterior screens, etc.

Each piece or corten steel project produced by the St-John Paysagiste team is unique. In addition, our team performs the assembly and welding on site. Thus, we offer tailor-made corten steel projects guaranteeing you an installation that fits perfectly into your landscape ecosystem!

What are the advantages of corten steel?

A corten steel plate is an element of construction and decoration that is both aesthetic and durable. Here are those 3 main benefits.

Its unique aesthetic

With a raw and warm aesthetic, this material goes perfectly with urban decors as well as more natural ones. Moreover, it is used in modern architecture as well as in the layout of gardens and parks.

Its great resistance

With its protective rust patina, the resistance of a material used in maritime freight and the rail industry is well established. Thus, a plate or a corten steel sheet is not likely to perforate, unlike standard steel which rusts and ends up being pierced.

Also worth noting, corten steel also has a high resistance to tensile deformation.

Corten steel does not require any special maintenance

No maintenance is necessary since the corten steel in the garden or as a construction element has the property of self-protection. Indeed, the formation of the patina on the surface prevents the progression of corrosion.

For those who wish, it is still possible to apply a rust remover to stop oxidation and fix the rust.

How long does it take for corten steel to oxidize?

The oxidation process can take several months. Naturally, corten steel oxidizes in about 6 months. This oxidation time depends on external conditions and the alternation of dry and wet periods.

The stabilization of the surface of a corten steel plate takes between 1 and 3 years to complete. However, it is possible to use a rust accelerator to speed up the process and thus obtain a rusty surface in a few hours.

How to accelerate the oxidation of corten steel?

The most natural trick is to spray the surface with salt water or vinegar. Spray your mixture of water and salt (or vinegar) on the corten steel surfaces daily and let dry. The rust should appear quickly.

You can also buy a rust accelerator commercially. However, take your precautions with the product by respecting the recommendations for use on the label and by protecting your eyes and skin to avoid the risk of burns.

Is corten steel bad for the environment?

The answer is no, corten steel oxidation produces rust which consists of iron oxide. It is not dangerous for the environment or for the fauna and flora.

In summary, the corten steel makes each work and each landscaping a unique and exclusive project. It is a trendy and design material for any outdoor space both in your garden and on your terrace.

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