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3 examples of low maintenance landscaping.

Minimize the maintenance of your landscaping

With the nice weather upon us, projects are piling up and we want to enjoy the decks, walks and outdoor activities! However, we enjoy looking at our landscaping that is well laid out, to our liking and perfectly maintained. Sometimes we just don't have the time. It is therefore possible to combine a highly designed landscape to your liking, while minimizing the maintenance and time spent to keep your flowerbeds worthy of the first day of landscaping!

Easy maintenance landscaping with Corten steel
Easy maintenance landscaping with Corten steel

Here are 3 examples of options to consider for easy maintenance of your outdoor yard:

1. The choice of plants is an essential element to consider in order to create a landscape to your taste, while minimizing watering, pruning and maintenance. Several plants meet these criteria perfectly and can be perfectly harmonized with the atmosphere you wish to create. For example, plant clover, to name but one.

2. Favour mulch to limit the frequency of watering. Indeed, mulch conserves soil moisture, protects plants from climatic changes that can create stress in plants. In addition, mulch provides adequate aeration to allow plants and flowers to grow healthily.

3. Favor landscaping with stones or slabs. The goal is to minimize actions requiring mowing, weeding or frequent watering. In addition, a landscape with different types of stones can create a very interesting effect, no matter what your outdoor design style is.

What outdoor projects or activities are motivating you now that the weather is nice? Do you have any tips to share on how to reduce and facilitate the maintenance of your flowerbeds or landscaping?

The entire team at St-John Landscaping can advise you on maintenance according to your objectives and the effect you wish to achieve with your landscaping.

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